The tradition of handstands around the world
paulinhobasile 30 de maio de 2015

To create a special way of taking photos during the trips is a tradition used for a lot of travelers. Beyond the selfie-stick, this is an original way to create a “registered mark” in all your trips.

I have mine: handstands! Doesn’t matter if I have all the time to ask friends or strangers (that always look at me with a “really?!?” face haha) to take my pic, in each city I visit I take a photo making a handstand.

Look some examples that I have taken around the world to inspire you!


Bananeira em casa também pode! - Teatro Municipal - São Paulo
Sao Paulo – Brazil
Amsterdam – Netherlands
Bananeira em Berlim (Alemanha)
Berlin – Germany
Bananeira em Bruxelas (Bélgica)
Brussels – Belgium
Bananeira em Praga (República Tcheca)
Prague – Czech Republic
Bananeira em Paris (França)
Paris – France
Bananeira em Piza (Itália)
Piza – Italy
Bananeira em Roma (Itália)
Rome – Italy
Bananeira em Paris (França)
Paris – France
Bananeira em Versailles (França)
Versailles – France
Bananeira no Rio de Janeiro (Brasil)
Rio de Janeiro – Brazil
Berlin – Germany

From Mooca to the World upside down!


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