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1 de setembro de 2015
100 Montaditos: drink and eat for really low prices in Spain premium
In some cities in Spain there is a snack bar that is on the “you-need-to-visit list” in this country: 100 Montaditos. It is a pub mixed with restaurant mixed with snack bar where you can taste delicious sandwiches and drink the most refreshing “tinto de verano” (a kind of sangria) for unbelievable cheap prices. I […]
30 de julho de 2015
Temple of Debod: a 2.000 years Egyptian temple in Madrid premium
Walking throw the downtown of Madrid, a monument keeps your attention because of its architecture, completely different from the rest of the city. For a moment, you could think that you’ve just left Spain and you arrived in Egypt. Yeh, this Egyptian temple in Madrid, called Temple of Debod, is a piece of the land […]
20 de julho de 2015
Nennella Trattoria, the really noisy and traditional restaurant from Naples premium
During an euro trip in 2013 with my Peruvian-amost-brazilian friend Jhohann, we visited Naples when we were travelling throw Italy. This city wasn’t in my plans, however my friend has a deep knowledge about the gourmet world and he told me that in Naples there was on of the best restaurants in the world. So my passion for food […]
30 de maio de 2015
The tradition of handstands around the world premium
To create a special way of taking photos during the trips is a tradition used for a lot of travelers. Beyond the selfie-stick, this is an original way to create a “registered mark” in all your trips. I have mine: handstands! Doesn’t matter if I have all the time to ask friends or strangers (that […]
19 de maio de 2015
Play with Lego in a museum in Amsterdam premium
When you think in Amsterdam, what is the first thing that is shown in your mind? A lot of canals? Coffee shops and a lot of crazy people because the drugs? Yes, there is a lot of this in the dutch capital. But believe me, you can find there many amazing museums. And I’m not […]
11 de maio de 2015
How to drink for free in Berlin? premium
Image the scene: you are in a disco in Berlin and you don’t have more money, but you want keep drinking (who doesn’t?). Then, you find some empty bottles on the floor and decide to give then back to the bartender. Because of that, the bartender gives you a bottle of beer to you drink […]
10 de maio de 2015
Trdelník, the delicious sweet bread from Prague premium
There is a sweet that makes me salivate just thinking about, one of the delicatessen that I most have fallen in love travelling in the world: Trdelník, a traditional (and delicious) sweet bread from Prague, in Czech Republic. Watching from a distance the stands that sell Trdelník, the first impression is not so good. The bread, […]